Talking To Your Lender - To Save Your Home

Learn How To Negotiate With Your Lender To Achieve A Win/Win Result

If you don't know the insider secrets of how your lender works then you will probably lose your home. Learn the insider secrets so you know your rights, the law and how to negotiate with them to save your home.

Your circumstance can and do change - don't give up!

Post PicDawn got into mortgage arrears when she got made redundant. Her mortgage was £550 a month but she was only getting £65 a week Job Seekers Allowance.

Her situation went on for 6 months. She kept going to interviews but was unsuccessful. She had no financial offer that she could make to the bank so eventually they went to court and got a possession order.

The judge generously allowed 2 months on the order in the hope that she would find work but when she didn’t, the bank went back to court and got a warrant of eviction against her home, to change the locks......
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How To Get Your Payment Protection Insurance To Pay Up

Post PicMargaret became ill and was unable to continue working. Her mortgage was £680 a month but she had the foresight to take out payment protection insurance. The trouble is, when she tried to claim on it she was told that she wasn’t eligible. Mortgage arrears began to accrue as a result of this refusal.

She appealed against their decision and was again refused. By this time she was also getting correspondence from her bank about the arrears, threatening repossession action. She kept telling them that she had been paying PPI for 8 years and now couldn’t claim on it. The banks said it wasn’t their concern and they just wanted their money.....
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Threaten Bullying Banks With An Ombudsman Complaint

Post PicSherry had been blinded in an accident that caused her to give up work. She had previously been quite a high earner and her mortgage was substantial, so her debts quickly began to grow. The banks started pursuing her for possession.

Although her eyesight was beginning to come back it would be a long time before she would be able to work again and her confidence had taken a knock. She was worn out by endless threatening letters from the banks. Luckily she was eligible for the government’s Mortgage Rescue Scheme.....
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In the bank negotiation kit you will learn this tip along with the whole process to save your home.

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