Going to Court - To Save Your Home

Learn How To Stop A Repossession Order On Your Home

If you don't know the law with regards to repossession you will probably lose your home. Learn the court process so you know your rights, the law and how to stop your lender repossessing your home.

Be prepared to fight for your benefits and concessions

Post PicDel lost his job and ran into arrears. He sought good advice and applied to have Support for Mortgage Interest payments made on his mortgage. The Department for Work and Pensions lost his form.

He filled in another one which they received but told him he wasn’t eligible. We looked into the eligibility criteria and it was clear that he was so he appealed. Meanwhile I had sent letters off to his bank asking for information. I wrote 3 times over 4 months and never heard anything back. They took him to court for possession.
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Its Never Too Late To Stop A Repossession

Post PicLen was a builder who had to give up work when he had to have major heart surgery. Arrears grew and the banks took them to court and got possession.

They didn’t seek any advice and the banks went back to court to get a warrant. The lock change was due to take place at 11am on Thursday. I interviewed them for the first time at 4pm on Wednesday. Emergency action was necessary. We met at the court at 10am and lodged a case; whilst the bailiffs were waiting in the wings to see.....
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Lenders sharp practices to get what they want

Post PicCarole co-owned property with her mum. She got made redundant and took on 3 jobs to get by. Between her and her mum’s pension income she could meet the mortgage and a sum off of the arrears.

She went to court on her own and unrepresented. Her mum was too terrified of the court to go. She had both hers and her mums defense forms with her that showed between them they could meet the mortgage.

The bank’s solicitor sat down with her and told her she couldn’t afford the payments. She was confused about this but was also intimidated by the process itself.....
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In the bank negotiation kit you will learn this tip along with the whole process to save your home.

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Court Negotiation Kit

Court Negotiation Kit - you'll learn how to:

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