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Post Pic Hi, my name is Ben Reeve Lewis. For those of you who don’t know me I am the "Home Saving Expert" and have been saving peoples homes since 1990 both through negotiations and in court.

Let me tell you a little bit about me and how I can help you save your home...

As I said I have been saving peoples homes since 1990 and, since 1998, I have even regularly trained lawyers how to save people's homes too! Recently because of some profound breakthroughs, I have been working with individuals where I share my insights, insider knowledge, methods, and the exact system I have been using that has me personally saving about 93% of people's homes without fail for several years now.

Before I became successful at this game I struggled and I found it tough. I was trying to save a persons home and I would get knocked back because I didn't understand the system lenders were using and I got it wrong more times then I got it right. I also made the mistake of believing that the lenders were behaving legally and appropriately when they were seeking possession of a person’s home..

On a personal level, despite my work in housing law, a few years back I found myself in the same position and my own home in London became under threat.

Post PicI put my head in the sand, I didn't open the letters from my bank, even dreaded the arrival of the postman.
I struggled with figures and didn't want to have anything to do with budgeting and coming to an amount I could afford. I wouldn't even check my balance at the cash machine I became so stressed and scared. I felt like a real loser. All my friends were successful and had lovely homes and here I was just about ready to lose mine. The way I was handling my situation was just not working and my home was going to be repossessed. Besides all this, I had this gnawing feeling that there was important stuff I needed to know.

Have you been feeling this way about letters coming through your letterbox? Not knowing how much you have coming in and going out each month? Your scared you are going to lose your home and be homeless? You wish you could just manage like your friends and colleagues seem able to do?

save houseEventually I did save my home but only when a close friend bailed me out at the last minute and not before a disastrous period of negotiations where I was bullied by the banks into paying them more than I needed to and suffering for longer than was necessary. I felt that I had well and truly been taken to the cleaners by my mortgage company.

If you’re like me, you might have noticed that other peoples homes were being saved and you want to know how does that work?


Have you ever wondered what they know...that you don’t? I spent years searching for the answer to that question.

So how does this all apply to you...

Okay, so I was buying into all of the nonsense that the lenders had all the power, they were honourable people and were treating me and my clients fairly and clearly it wasn't working for me because I was getting it wrong.

That was until I made some discoveries.......

Now I defend mortgage repossession cases for a living and the people I see are desperate, confused, depressed, even on medication, sometimes even suicidal. All because they owe money on their mortgage and the banks are using every trick in the book, both fair and unfair, to either recover their money or take their home.

Post PicDespite the caring, sharing image of mortgage lenders on their websites and in their publicity campaigns, my clients feel bullied and intimidated by mortgage lenders and their solicitors once they get into trouble. When people cross their banks they often feel as if taking out a mortgage was like making a pact with the devil who now wants paying and is particularly merciless and ruthless in pursuit of their money.

In the vast majority of cases I have seen, and I am talking literally around 90% of them, it doesn’t have to be that way, because not only does the borrower in difficulty have more going for them than they realise, the lenders know this and are treading on thin ice most of the time and trying to hoodwink people who don’t know how to call their bluff.

I have seen people with £84,000 arrears still retain their home and have myself, on numerous occasions, stopped a lock change just an hour before it goes ahead, even with the bailiffs sitting behind me to see if I win, only to have the judge agree that the lenders hadn’t followed the right procedure and call it all off.

There are standard procedures that are governed by court rules and other guidance. They are well known to solicitors, mortgage lenders and housing advice workers but they aren’t known by the general public, who, lets face it, are the ones who really need to know.

I feel really angry when I see people going through the most stressful of experiences when they don’t have to. I have seen banks pushing for possession of someone’s home when they are in less than £1,500 arrears when there is equity of £150,000 in the property.

save house I got my act together and I have spent over 20 years and thousands of hours getting to understand the legal aspects of different areas of housing law while negotiating with lenders and representing people in court to stop repossession of their home. I learnt the hard way, on the coal face so to speak. It has really changed my view about not only the despicable behaviour of the mortgage industry but also how to go about saving a person's home. I went from frustrated, confused and stressed out trying desperately to save peoples home to saving 28 out of 30 homes now.

I pretty much pride myself on being able to save a home when there is even just the slightest glimmer of hope.

If I cant save it, its because it couldn’t be done.


The ones I don't save are because the people come to me when things are too late for them for a variety of reasons.

Also people lose their homes because they think it is too late for them when it isn’t!

I see that a lot. People throwing in the towel too early.

I started developing the strategies I use because I got really tired of seeing people every day at their wits end, dealing with lenders when they got into mortgage arrears and feeling powerless. I felt that if I could do it, then I could easily teach others to do it too and started training lawyers and others in the housing industry.

I did this quietly and within my work capacity, meaning I wasn't necessarily looking to teach individuals how to do it. Then...those close to me started asking me for advice and I would dish out bits and pieces of the basic formulas and systems that I was using. Word got out and before too long, I was receiving requests from people wanting to know how they could save their home.

I knew I was onto something when a local solicitor who I had never met, emailed me and asked me to look at a letter he was sending out on behalf of a borrower client to ask if I thought it was ok to send.

All these requests led me to create my SAVING YOUR HOME programme the Bank Negotiation Kit and the Court Negotiation Kit.

I am going to be sharing several pieces of that program so you too can understand your rights and know what the lender can and can't do. By knowing this information you can save your home from repossession.

So if all this makes sense…have a look at some of the articles and check out the programme I am offering......

Best Wishes


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